Lolita Moore – I Found Love (Single)
by Lolita Moore

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Lolita Moore is back with a new studio work: "I Found Love".

Lolita Moore is an artist and songwriter who recently announced a new studio work: "I Found Love,” which is available now. The rhythm, melody and style of this production are quite addictive, and you might find yourself hitting the play button over and over again!

Not only is Lolita’s voice soothing and melodic, but the instruments are balanced, providing the perfect support for her performance to stand out. It’s a truly spot-on mix, which highlights Lolita’s artistry. "I Found Love" is an uplifting, charming song, which reveals her distinctive personality and ability to blend in different styles so seamlessly, while retaining her identity. The song features a dash of pop and other mainstream influences, while exploring the artist’s gospel and Christian soul roots. With such a diverse range of influences, “I Found Love” is a great showcase of Lolita’s versatility and passion for connecting with people through her music. This is exactly what happens when artists create songs not to follow trends, but to simply create something special and make an impact in the lives of their listeners.

Learn more about Lolita Moore, and listen to "I Found Love", which is available on all of the best digital music streaming services out there. The track will also appear on Lolita’s new album, to be released in April 2024.

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Label: Lolita Moore
Copyright: ©+℗ 2024 Lolita Moore

Release year: 2024
Track Count: 1 song(s)
Album Length: 00:03:33
Genre: Christian Pop | Gospel | Soul

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