Lolita Moore

Lolita Moore is an award-winning gospel singer currently making her mark with her own brand of faith-fuelled anthems. She’s been bringing her angelic melodies to the masses for some time now, having gained global recognition for her stunningly spellbinding selection of songs.

The multi-talented artist has recently been named the Best Gospel Female Artist for the Sounds of Soul Gospel Music Awards; as well as being nominated as Best Gospel Female Artist for the Spotlight Awards. Lolita’s style is bold, beautiful and impossible to ignore — bringing lush, emotive vocals to powerfully touching songwriting. Her music is designed for people wanting to express their faith in the lord, with her songs often touching on subjects like faith and religion.

Based in Sacramento, born in the Bay Area, Lolita started singing from the age of just five — often penning many great songs from a very early age. It wasn’t until she hit eighteen that she realized her talent as a singer-songwriter. She began sharing her gift with many local churches, festivals and various community events. Her vocal delivery is truly majestic, smoothly spanning an alto and contralto range with passion and divine purpose. As Lolita puts it: “I sing to encourage, inspire and to uplift God’s people”. Her vocal talents have brought her to stages all around the country, supporting top-tier gospel artists like Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Norman Hutchins, The Pace Sisters, Donald Lawrence, Amar Khalil of Tony, Toni, Tone and many more.

Music Producer, Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Sacramento (California)

Phone: 888.407.2916

Artist Reviews

Lolita Moore stands out as a gospel artist

One of the reasons Lolita Moore stands out as a gospel artist is her ability to seamlessly blend contemporary musical styles with the timeless essence of gospel. In “LOVED”, she fearlessly infuses R&B, Soul, Gospel, and Funk, boldly showcasing that Christian music can be both relevant and extraordinary.

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An album that will inspire, uplift, and encourage listeners

repare to be uplifted and moved by the divine melodies of Lolita Moore’s latest gospel masterpiece, “LOVED”. This album is a testament to her transparency and authenticity, as she fearlessly delves into the joys, struggles, insecurities, and hopes that we all encounter in our daily lives.

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Eclectic, Spirit-filled and Soulful

The songs are a collaboration between my walk with God, my perceptions of humanity, life and how I see the world. Each song holds a belief and personal experiences that enables me to share a more insightful, wiser and a better me.

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Positive Vibes All The Way

Beginning with ‘LOVED’, Lolita Moore infuses the proceedings with her own unique sound. “One act of kindness is all it takes, to help a fellowman feel good enough to make it through another day,” sings Lolita, in a song that explicitly tells us that everybody wants to be loved. Harmonies of the church choir tie together vocals, effects, and harmonica in the song.

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Devotion in Motion

In a time where positivity might be all you need to survive, Lolita Moore releases her album, LOVED. Using the popular influence of indie-pop music, Lolita reaches out to the masses with her positive vibe and outgoing energy. Her songs aim to not only bring everyone together, but find a path with solidarity. From the problems to the positives of this change, she seems to range through the spectrum with her songs.

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Best Female Gospel Artist

Sacramento based, Bay Area native, Lolita Moore, is named Best Gospel Female Artist for the Sounds of Soul Gospel Music Awards. And she is recently nominated as Best Gospel Female Artist for the Spotlight Awards.

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