Precious Pearls by Lolita A. Moore (eBook PDF)


Lolita A. Moore’s “Precious Pearls” is a collection of poems that Inspire and Edify Christian perspectives.

Little Lamb Publishing Company
Oakland, California
ISBN No. 978-1-4276-3264-7
Copyright @ 2008

About the Author:

Lolita Moore is a poet at heart. Her love of words began at the early age of four. Without doubt, Ms. Moore is innately gifted with an ability to convey perspectives regarding various life subjects, through the use of the written language, music and through poetic artistry.

The challenges of life are Lolita’s canvas and abuse, culture, humanities, politics and love are her subjects of interest and devotion.

In addition to her love of poetry, Ms. Moore is committed to sharing some of her personal life stories, pertaining to human behavior, interpersonal relationships, African American Culture and Christianity.

Through the craft of writing, Ms. Moore enjoys the musical sound of words, when they are strategically joined together to form a unique language, one all of her own.

Ms. Moore’s publications are coined as an intimate work of the soul, as she considers each of her life experiences a soul journey through time, space, and for the sole purpose of human connectivity; in order to enlighten, to serve, help others, to be healed and to heal those that seek it. Thus a soul work publication is born.

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