October 8, 2021
Song Lyrics for “DOESN’T MATTER” by Lolita Moore
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The song is part of Lolita Moore’s third album “Loved”. The album covers various genre’s from Christian Gospel and Soul Pop songs for you to enjoy.


Doesn’t matter at all
No. It doesn’t matter
Doesn’t matter at all

Doesn’t matter if you’ve had hard times
Doesn’t matter you got hills to climb
Doesn’t matter that your haters want to see you fall
Doesn’t matter you have a past
Doesn’t matter, good or bad
Doesn’t matter if you listen to the call
You got to just
Live right, In his sight
Keep the faith, in the fight
Be strong, hold on
And know that you’re not alone

Doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor
Doesn’t matter He’ll open the door
Doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to live
Doesn’t matter young or old
Doesn’t matter, he still wants your soul
Doesn’t matter if you receive what he will give

You got to just
Live right, In his sight
Keep the faith, in the fight
Be strong, hold on
And know that you’re not alone

Doesn’t matter whether swift or strong; if you stand you still can win
The race is given to the one who endures to the end

No you’re not alone
Doesn’t matter at all
He’ll walk with you
He’ll talk with you
He’ll claim you as His own

Live right, live right
In his sight, in His sight
Keep the faith, you’ve got to keep the faith
In the fight. Be strong
Be strong, hold on
Hold on. No that you’re not alone
He’ll be with you always and forever

Artist: Lolita Moore
Song Name: Doesn’t Matter
Genre: Gospel, Christian Pop
Release: 2021

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About the Artist

Lolita Moore is an award-winning gospel singer based in Sacramento who is currently bringing her faith-fuelled anthems to the global stage. Her spellbinding songwriting and angelic vocals smoothly span an alto and contralto range. Lolita’s timeless tracks have seen her perform all around the country alongside gospel greats like Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Norman Hutchins, The Pace Sisters, Donald Lawrence, Amar Khalil of Tony, Toni, Tone and many more.

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